Think Foundation
Blood Donation

Think Foundation single-handedly coordinates the collection of almost 20% of the requirement of blood units of Mumbai.  We run a structured program for collection of blood units, and ensure that blood is available in the blood bank when the need arises.

We have identified the various segments where blood donation drives can be organized, and have devised strategies for maximizing the blood collection in each of these segments.

The experiment of conducting daily blood donation drives in air-conditioned structures at railway stations, was successfully coordinated by Think Foundation.  The railway station drives were instrumental in providing the city with an assured flow of blood units, particularly platelets.

Our office receives a number of calls from patients and their relatives asking for blood units to be organized.  We are able to service these calls by networking with Blood Banks, and by directing patients to the Blood Bank, which has the required units.

Our database of blood groups, particularly Rh –ve Blood Groups and Bombay Blood Group, allows us to provide donors in those occasions when the required blood units are not available in any blood bank.

We provide ground support to the State Blood Transfusion Council during disasters, and ensure that there is proper coordination to ensure availability of blood units to victims of disasters.

On behalf of the State Blood Transfusion Council, we design and print motivation material to be distributed to all blood banks.  We also conduct training programs for motivators and blood bank staff.