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Service calls for blood from individuals

At Think Foundation we receive calls for blood from patients and their relatives every day. There is always a sense of panic in the calls. But this panic is put to rest by our staff by asking all the relevant questions and identifying the blood bank that has the required blood units. The patient’s relatives are then directed to the relevant blood bank.

In the case of Rh-Positive blood groups, there is never a problem. In the case of Rh-Negative blood groups, there could be some rare situations when the required numbers of units are not available in the blood banks. Our staff then contacts donors from our large list and requests them to donate blood. This may have to be done for Rh-Positive requirements in some cases where the hospitals insist on donors to be sent and not the blood units.

There is one basic flaw in blood transfusion service that needs to be addressed. Most hospitals think that the responsibility of organizing blood is that of the patient and his relatives. In some cases the patient’s relatives are told to organize donors and not the blood units. Ideally the blood bank at the Hospital should organize the blood units themselves. Or, they should contact blood banks, which have the blood units.

At Think Foundation, we take responsibility for organizing blood units for anybody who needs them, be it individuals or hospitals.