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Knowledge Centre - Looking for Blood Units

If you need blood, you have the following options:

  • Checking out with all blood banks in the city on the availability of the blood group required by you. Take a look at the List of Blood Banks.
  • Checking the website of the Maharashtra State Blood Transfusion Council – for availability of blood. This will provide you with a list of blood banks having the blood group that is required by you.
  • Calling Think Foundation, who will direct you to the Blood Bank having the blood units.
  • As a last resort, locating donors or asking Think Foundation for a list of donors and sending them to the Hospital/Blood Bank.

If the required blood units are available with a Blood Bank, you will need to:

  • get a letter requesting for the blood units from the Hospital where your patient is admitted.
  • ask the Hospital where your patient is admitted to provide you with a blood sample of the patient for the purpose of cross-matching by the Blood Bank issuing the blood units.

The very fact that you are looking for blood as an individual means that the Hospital where you patient is admitted has failed in its duty of making blood available to you. This is the responsibility of the Hospital, and they have passed it on to you. The National Blood Policy in its Objective No. 8 (6) mentions that “As a deterrent to paid blood donors who operate in the disguise of replacement donors, institutions who prescribe blood for transfusion shall be made responsible for procurement of blood for their patients through their affiliation with recognized blood centers.

If you are looking for Bombay Blood Group

If you are looking for Bombay Blood group:

  • Please check with the Institute of Immuno Haematology (IIH), ICMR, KEM Hospital, preferably through the hospital where your patient is admitted. Ask them for a list of donors who are located in your city, with their contact numbers. You could then identify a donor who is willing to donate blood in your city. The contact numbers of IIH are 91-22-2413 8518/2413 8519.
  • Contact Think Foundation if you are situated outside Mumbai and you need assistance for follow up with the IIH.
  • Contact Think Foundation for donors who are Mumbai-based. We would get donors to donate blood in Mumbai, and this could be air-lifted by you. Ofcourse, a letter will be required from the Hospital where your patient is admitted. Secondly a blood sample of the patient will be required for purposes of cross-matching.
  • Register as a Bombay Blood Group patient

List of contacts for Bombay Blood Group in cities across India: Coming soon