Think Foundation
What We Do - Care of Thalassaemics

Children living with Thalassaemia Major live a life of great challenge.   Apart from being dependant on life-long blood transfusions, the children have to be monitored for iron overload, endocrine, cardiac, bone density and other problems.  Think Foundation aims to bring some normalcy and happiness in their lives.

The objective is to increase their life expectancy and enhance the quality of their lives.  For this purpose, Think Foundation is in touch with children living with Thalassaemia Major, their parents, Doctors, Day Care Centers, health authorities and other organizations.

Think Foundation organizes more blood donation drives than any other NGO in the city.  To ensure that holistic treatment is provided to the children in a comfortable and geographically convenient location, Think Foundation has been able to initiate and coordinate the opening of new Day Care Centers across the city.

Request for iron chelation and other areas needing financial support are received at Think Foundation.  Relief is provided on a case-by-case basis.  The other aspects that engage the attention of Think Foundation are those that concern ‘disability’ status, workshops on treatment, entertainment programs and   advice on bone marrow transplant.