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What We Do - Thalassaemia Prevention

Thalassaemia Major is a very serious genetic blood disorder.  The conventional treatment involves lifelong blood transfusions, and iron chelation.  The only permanent solution to the problem is a Stem Cell Transplant.  This, from a practical point of view, is out of reach for most children.

But, Thalassaemia Major can be easily prevented. Behind every Thalassaemia Major child, there are two healthy youngsters who did not know that they were Thalassaemia Minor.  Knowledge of this fact could have easily prevented the tragedy of Thalassaemia Major.

Think Foundation works towards creating awareness about Thalassaemia Minor amongst healthy youngsters through
awareness lectures
and materials.  We organize screening camps for Thalassaemia Minor, and provide counseling sessions to those who are detected as Thalassaemia Minor.

Think Foundation also works towards sensitizing Pathology Laboratories and Gynaecologists through workshops.