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Need to organize Thal Minor Screening Drive

Thalassaemia Minor Screening Camp will involve the following aspects:

  • Creating awareness about Thalassaemia Minor.
    This can be done by:
        a. Putting up Posters which will be on display for a week before the Drive
        b. Sending mail (with the relevant matter) to all persons, a week before the Drive
        c. Organizing a lecture on Thalassaemia 2 days before the Drive

  • Organizing the Screening Tests. A single room with three tables and a few chairs will suffice. Collection of blood samples by technicians from persons offering to be tested will be done on this day

  • Organsing a Counselling Session for those who are Thalassaemia Minor, after the Reports are received

Call Think Foundation for working out the logistics. You can even expect our representative to come and visit you, if you so desire.

If you want to organize a Thalassaemia Minor Screening Camp you can call Think Foundation or send a mail to us or register online here.

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