Think Foundation
What We Do - Platelet Donation

Think Foundation has been the first organization to recognize the need for intensive planning for making platelets available.  Big blood donation drives do not pose a problem for Red Blood Cells and Plasma.  However, due to Platelets having a storage life of only 5 days, it is necessary to plan much more intensively for its collection.

Most people do not know that it is possible for a donor to donate only Platelets, without donating the other components.  Think Foundation has been the first organization to create awareness amongst the general public about the process of Apheresis through which it is possible to collect only Platelets.  We have always maintained a list of Platelet Donors and responded to individual calls.  The Lifesavers Club is an attempt at formalizing and scaling up our attempt at meeting the need of Platelet Donors. 

Think Foundation plans to organize programs for members of the Lifesavers Club