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Meet requirement of Bombay Blood Group

"I am calling from Dhaka in Bangla Desh. My father is seriously ill and has been in hospital for quite a while. The doctors have advised that he needs blood transfusions. His blood group, I am told, is Bombay Group, something nobody in our country has ever heard of. I went on some websites and contacted some persons in India. They gave me your number. Can you please organize Bombay Group (OH) Positive for my father ?"

At Think Foundation, we got in touch with donors from our list and got three of them to donate blood in Mumbai. We also found out that there was one unit of blood lying in the Red Cross Blood Bank, which was least expected. The caller traveled all the way from Dhaka to Mumbai with a sample of his father’s blood, collected the 4 units and flew back to Dhaka.

Bombay Blood Group is a very rare blood group. Think Foundation has been able to track persons having this blood group, recorded their contact details, and maintained continuous communication with them. Whenever there is a need for Bombay Group blood units in Mumbai or any other location in India, the calls finally end up at Think Foundation.