Think Foundation
Our Alliances

Think Foundation is grateful to the various organizations that have allied with us and assisted us in achieving our objectives.  It has been our privilege to associate with both governmental and non-governmental organizations.  By networking with these organizations we have been able to broaden our vision and enlarge the scale of our operations.

Our donors have been a huge source of strength.  Their financial contributions have made it possible for us to run our operations.  But, more importantly, our donors have given us the confidence that the means will follow as long as we carry on with the good work.

Our drive partners who have sought to associate with us for conducting drives in their premises have made us realize the value they add to us.  Corporate houses and colleges have ensured continuity, freshness and challenge.

Our continuous interaction with Blood Banks and Day Care Centers has helped us in getting a better understanding of the subjects that are of concern to all of us.