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State Blood Transfusion Council

The State Blood Transfusion Council was established on 2nd July 1996 as an autonomous body, as per the directives of the Supreme Court of India dated 4th January, 1996. The primary objective of the Council is to provide adequate and safe blood and its components at reasonable rates in the state. In pursuance of its objectives the Council plans and executes the collection, quality control and distribution of blood and its components in the state of Maharashtra. The Council is recognized all over the country as the most evolved of all the states, and has been responsible for the quantum jump in the percentage of voluntary blood donation in the state.

Think Foundation has been fortunate to have had the guidance and the partnership of the Council. The Council, which has always believed in involving NGOs in their activities, has entrusted very large responsibilities to Think Foundation. On behalf of the Council, we design most of the communication material to be distributed to all blood banks in the state. We also plan and coordinate blood drives in colleges, corporates and railway stations.

The cause of thalassaemia has benefited immensely due to the support that Think Foundation has received from the Council

National Service Scheme – Mumbai University

The National Service Scheme is an organization which aims to harness the power of students in making contributions to society while helping the students to shape their personalities through social interaction. Almost every college has an NSS Unit, which leads the activity in the college for all social service programmes.

Think Foundation has a solid partnership with the NSS unit of Mumbai University. The entire blood programme for all colleges in Mumbai University is planned and executed through the partnership between the NSS Unit and Think Foundation. Think Foundation is grateful to the NSS leadership and the individual college units for their commitment to the cause of blood donation and thalassaemia.

Lions Club of Juhu

The Lions Club of Juhu received its charter on 19th September 1959 and has risen to its premier position in India during its Lionistic journey for more than 50 years. The Club can surely stake a claim to being one of the most active Lions Clubs in the country. The commitment of individual members, the fund raising capabilities, the various projects and the total involvement in programmes has made the Lions Club of Juhu a major contributor to initiatives in the social sector in Mumbai.

Think Foundation has had a long association with the Lions Club of Juhu. A very large number of Blood Donation Drives and Thalassaemia Minor Screening Camps have been the outcomes of the partnership between our organizations. The Club has also been a partner in some of our activities conducted for children living with Thalassaemia Major.

Rotary Club of Bombay Uptown

Rotary Club of Bombay Uptown has had a long tradition of working in the field of blood donation. Their involvement with conducting blood donation drives in a number of colleges in their jurisdiction has earned them awards from the State Blood Transfusions Council.

Partnership with the Club has added value to Think Foundation. The Club has taken the leadership of getting all Rotary Clubs from Mumbai involved in the cause of Thalassaemia. Their members have developed the expertise of delivering awareness lectures on the need for screening for Thalassaemia Minor.

Rotary Club of Mumbai Ghatkopar

Rotary Club of Mumbai Ghatkopar is the leading Rotary Club in the eastern suburbs of Mumbai. Their serious involvement in the field of blood donation has resulted in participation in upgradation of blood banks, organizing of blood donation drives, establishment of modern mobile blood collection vans and a whole host of other activities. Their efforts to promote blood donation drives has been recognized by the State Blood Transfusion Council.

Think Foundation has partnered with the Club in organizing Blood Donation Drives and Thalassaemia Minor Screening Camps in various colleges.

Rotaract Club of Mumbai Ghatkopar

Rotaract Club of Mumbai Ghatkopar, popularly known as RCMG is one of the most active Rotaract Clubs in Mumbai with active membership base of 35 youngsters. The tradition established by the various Presidents over the years and the commitment of the members has resulted in the Club being credited with a large number of successful projects.

Think Foundation has been fortunate to have had the support of RCMG in the field of Blood Donation and Thalassaemia. The Club has taken the leadership of organizing Thalassaemia Minor Screening Camps in colleges and corporates. The fertile minds and the enthusiasm of youth has given shape to motivators within the RCMG who are able to deliver lectures for creating awareness about Thalassaemia.

Association of the Hospital and Practicing Biochemists and Medical Technologists (AHPBMT)

The Association of the Hospital and Practicing Biochemists & Medical Technologists represents all laboratories in Maharashtra. The Association interacts with the Government, Hospitals and other organizations to take care of the interests of laboratories. Communication is maintained with all laboratories through monthly Newsletters, Workshops and meetings.

Think Foundation has partnered with AHPBMT in organizing a workshop for laboratory personnel with the objective of sensitizing them about the subject of Thalassaemia.

We Care Trust

We Care Trust is an non-governmental organization, based at Andheri, Mumbai, and established with the objective of providing relief to children living with Thalassaemia Major. The Trust provides iron chelators to many thalassaemic children, and also conducts entertainment programs annually.

The Trust also works towards creating awareness about Thalassaemia Minor and carrying out Screening Tests. The Trust has a laboratory, which is equipped with a Bio-Rad Variant Machine for screening for haemoglobinopathies.

Think Foundation has been associated with We Care Trust for the past 5 years. Since 2006 most of the blood samples collected in camps organized by Think Foundation have been sent to the laboratory at We Care Trust for screening for Thalassaemia Minor.