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Our Alliances - Donors

Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited (MMFSL) is one of India’s leading rural Non-Banking Financial Companies, headquartered in Mumbai. It is amongst the top tractor financing companies in India and offers a wide range of financial products to address varied customer requirements. MMFSL has more than 1000 offices spread across the country, and has touched more than 3 million lives. The company harbours the vision to transform rural and semi-urban India into a self-reliant, flourishing landscape.

As a socially responsible citizen, the Company undertakes activities to touch the lives of the underprivileged communities across the country. Many parts of rural India lags behind when it comes to medical facilities. The Company strongly believes in addressing this basic need.

Think Foundation is grateful to MMFSL for understanding the extreme distress faced by thalassaemia patients and their families in Aurangabad and Jalna. The Company is responsible for setting up of the first-ever Thalassaemia Day Care Centres in both locations. This will bring life-saving relief to thalassaemia patients, and enable their families to live a life of dignity. Apart from funding physical facilities at the Centre for a comfortable transfusion experience, the Company has provided support for medicines, medical investigations, medical camps and comprehensive management of thalassaemia.

ROTARY CLUB OF MUMBAI LAKERS (also called Lakers) which is member of Rotary International is a service organization, which works with its heart to raise the lives of less fortunate. Its stated purpose is to bring together business and professional leaders in order to provide humanitarian services, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world.

Think Foundation has had the privilege of being associated with Lakers for many years. Apart from our partnership in various Blood Donation and Thalassaemia Minor Screening Camps, Lakers have financially supported Think Foundation in the following projects :

  1. Base-line tests for thalassaemia patients who are also living with Hepatitis C. Tests were carried out determining the viral load and genotype of 100 patients, culminating in the treatment of 40 patients.
  2. M.R.I. to determine iron overload in persons living with Thalasaemia Major. This formed the basis of determining the line of treatment, thereby preventing life-threatening situations.
  3. DEXA or Bone Density Tests to determine the status of bones of persons living with Thalassaemia Major
  4. HLA-Typing to identify thalassaemics who have matched siblings, and can be taken up for Bone Marrow Transplants

Cox & Kings Foundation was established in 2010, with a commitment to bringing about societal transformation through financial support and by engaging employees of Cox & Kings Limited to be part of the solution. The Foundation works to bring about sustainable change in the fields of Education, Culture, Animal Welfare, Village Development, Social Empowerment, Environment and Healthcare. With their continued efforts, they hope to bring about a change that outlives the mortal lives.

By scheduling blood donations camps at appropriate times every year in the offices of Cox & Kings Limited across the country, the Foundation has brought life-saving relief to a large number of our fellow citizens. Financial support has been given every year enabling Think Foundation to :

  1. Provide support to thalassaemia patients undergoing one Marrow Transplants
  2. Organize programmes for thalassaemia patients attached to Day Care Centre at St. George’s Hospital, Mumbai.
  3. Provide a year’s supply of daily medicines to 100 thalassaemia patients to take care of life-threatening Iron overload.
  4. Medical investigations for 200 thalassaemia patients attached to various Day Care Centres in Mumbai.
  5. Thalassaemia Minor Screening of morethan 13000 students of various schools and colleges in Mumbai
  6. Upgradation of the Thalassaemia Day Care Centre at St. George’s Hospital to provide a comfortable and hygienic environment to patients during their blood transfusions.