Think Foundation
Who We Are - Our People

Think Foundation is headed by a Board of Directors consisting of two Directors, Shekhar Iyer and Kannan Narain. The executive functions of Think Foundation are conducted by a team of committed individuals led by our Vice President, Vinay Shetty.

Shekhar Iyer

Shekhar Iyer is responsible for the day-to-day management of Vistaar Technologies' software development operations in India. Shekhar Iyer spent 12 years at the Bombay headquarters of Chase Manhattan Bank.  At Chase, Shekhar held various positions in the Corporate Finance and Global Services divisions and was responsible for origination, marketing and execution of products, including derivates, project advisory, syndicated loans and capital market bonds to top tier corporate clients in the private and public sector.
Prior to Chase, Shekhar worked in Bank of India for 11 years.  Among his various assignments in the bank, he was part of a team that created computerized credit information and monitoring system for the bank's credit portfolio - a system that was later adopted as an industry standard.
Shekhar holds a degree in Commerce and a Masters in Administrative Management from Bombay University.

Shekhar's considerable business & financial acumen is the force behind every key decision that Think Foundation takes.

Kannan Narain

Mr. Kannan Narain is a veteran of the shipping industry in Mumbai.  He has been a Freight Broker for the past 23 years, and has handled a multitude of key projects for large business houses.  He is known for his impeccable business ethics and vast practical experience in handling large exporters in diverse industries.
Kannan is on the visiting faculty of various management institutes, prominent among them being Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS), S.P. Jain Institute of Management Studies and Exim Management Institute among other premier business schools in Mumbai.
Kannan brings to Think Foundation his vast experience and in-depth understanding of running a successful organization.

Vinay Shetty

Vinay Shetty conducted his first blood donation drive when he was 20 years of age.  Since then he has organized blood donation drives in various colleges, offices, public places, residential areas and religious institutions.

Vinay has been responsible for running a structured program for testing for Thalassaemia Minor in colleges in Mumbai University, which has now spread to various corporate offices and residential areas. 

Vinay holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (B.E. Civil) from the Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute (VJTI), Mumbai University and a Master’s Degree in Management Studies (M.M.S.) with specialization in Marketing Management from the S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai

Vinay brings to Think Foundation a deep understanding of the subjects of Thalassaemia and Blood Donation and a strategy for finding long-term solutions.

Vinay has been appointed as Permanent Member of the Voluntary Blood Donation Committee of the State Blood Transfusion Council.

Anil Shah

Anil Shah has been entrusted by Think Foundation with the responsibility of organizing all activities relating to children living with Thalassaemia Major.

Anil has been involved with the cause of Thalassaemia for more than 20 years.  He was the Founder-Secretary of the Mumbai Thalassaemic Society, which responsibility he discharged with sincerity and efficiency for more than 2 years.

Anil is a Dairy Technologist and also holds a degree in law from the University of Mumbai.

Anil brings to Think Foundation a rapport with the entire fraternity of thalassaemic children, their parents, doctors and hospital personnel.  As the parent of a Thalassaemia Major child, Anil has a first hand knowledge of the challenges faced by children suffering from the disorder.

Anil was appointed by the State Blood Transfusion Council as the Coordinator of all Thalassaemia Committees in Mumbai.