Think Foundation
Who We Are - Special acknowledgements

We are grateful to the following persons for their guidance and support:

Dr. Indu Shahani
Sheriff of Mumbai
Dr. Indu Shahani’s involvement with Think Foundation started after she took charge as Sheriff of Mumbai in January 2008.  Her personal interest in the cause of blood donation led to a series of meetings in the Sheriff’s office.  Her grasp of the subject, desire to make a long-term difference, ability to involve individuals and organization, and energy to take action has been a source of inspiration for us.

Dr. Sanjay Jadhav
Asst. Director, State Blood Transfusion Council, Maharashtra
Dr. Sanjay Jadhav has been associated with members of Think Foundation from the year 1999.  As a friend, philosopher and guide, he has always shared with Think Foundation his vision for 100% voluntary blood donation in Maharashtra.  The responsibilities given to us by him have enabled us to work harder and more efficiently.

Dr. Mamta Manglani
Professor & Head of the Department of Pediatrics, LTMG Hospital, Sion
Dr. Mamta Manglani has associated with members of Think Foundation from the year 1998.  She has been a major pillar of support for Think Foundation.  She has laid the track for us to follow, and provided guidance from time to time.  Her initiatives have resulted in a number of activities being organized with the joint involvement of LTMG Hospital and Think Foundation

Mr. Chandan Mahimkar
Creative Director, Law & Kenneth
Mr. Chandan Mahimkar has been associated with Think Foundation since July 2007.  As a volunteer Chandan has helped with designing of logo, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, posters and leaflets.  Most of the creative works for Think Foundation have been designed by Chandan

Mr. Neville Balsara
Creative Director, Lintas India
The late Mr. Neville Balsara was associated with members of Think Foundation through the period of its evolution from being a band of friends to the formation of a charitable trust called CITIZEN to being Think Foundation.  Till his passing away in January 2006 almost all the creative works were designed by Neville.

Saraswati Printers
Saraswati Printers have been associated with the activities of Think Foundation from 1998.  Their studio and personnel have been available to members of Think Foundation on a purely voluntary basis.

Jagdish Amin
Proprietor, Geeta Art Printers
Jagdish Amin has been associated with the cause of blood donation and thalassaemia for almost 10 years.  He has volunteered to help Think Foundation in making presentations, posters and leaflets.  He has also made himself available to supervise blood donation drives and other activities of Think Foundation.