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You can partner with us and become part of our endeavour to ensure that adequate blood is available to those in need all the time.

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Financial contribution
Rs.20.0 Lakhs Rs.5.0 Lakhs Rs.1.0 Lakh

Benefits to Sponsor

Type of Media Description Annual Estimated Exposure (Eyeballs) Silver Gold Platinum
Website Website Home Page 100,000 100,000     x
Website on "Support us" Page
100,000 100,000   x x
Website Website on "Sponsors" Link 100,000 100,000 x x x
Banner Banner (6' x 3') displayed at every Camp 500 250,000     x
Banner Blood Donation Banners (4' x 3') 800 80,000   x x
Banner Thalassaemia Banners 800 20,000   x x
Banner Banners during Seminars / Workshops 30 1,500   x x
Poster Blood Donation Posters 45,000
4,500,000     x
Poster Thalassaemia Posters 4,000 100,000     x
Manual Blood Donation Manual 500 12,500 x x x
Manual Blood Bank Manual 100 12,500 x x x
Manual Thalassaemia Manual 500 12,500 x x x
Booklets Thalassaemia Booklets 100,000 500,000     x
Booklets Leaflet for Thalassaemia Minors 4,000 40,000   x x
Booklets Blood Donation Leaflet 50,000 100,000   x x
Booklets Bulletins       x x
Cards Thank You Cards 100,000 100,000     x
Cards Organizer Certificates 500 5,000 x x x
Cards Volunteer Certificates 10,000 100,000   x x
Cards Certificates at Seminars/ Workshops 3,000 3,000 x x x
Presentations Presentations (PPT) 8   25,000 x x x
Advisory Board A Spot for your representative         x