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Knowledge Centre - Need Platelets

If you need Platelets, you could be either looking for RDP (Random Donor Platelets) or SDP (Single Donor Platelets). Get this clarified from your doctor.

If you need Random Donor Platelets

If you need Random Donor Platelets, these are obtained after component separation from blood that is collected during routine blood donation. This will be available with blood banks. Please look up the list of blood banks and check with them for availability.

The other option, which will be suggested by blood banks, is for you to get a donor to donate blood. The blood bank can then separate the platelets and make them available.

If you have difficulty in getting Random Donor Platelets, you could call Think Foundation. We will try and locate the Blood Bank that has the required units.

If you need Single Donor Platelets

It is very unlikely that Single Donor Platelets will be available in any blood bank. Single Donor Platelets are normally collected against the need of a specific patient. You will therefore have to locate a Platelet Donor either by identifying someone yourself or by contacting Think Foundation.

Think Foundation coordinates the Lifesavers Club, which has Platelet Donors listed under the Club. On receiving a call from you Think Foundation will get in touch with the Blood Bank/Hospital where the Donor is required, and confirm the need. You also have an option of selecting list of Blood Banks which have the Apheresis Machine required for making Single Donor Platelets. Your choice of Blood Bank where the Lifesavers Club member should be sent, could then be on the basis of convinience or economy.

After receiving confirmation about the Blood Bank, Think Foundation will then look up the list from the Lifesavers Club and make an SDP donor available.