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Around 50 million Indians are estimated to be Thalassaemia Minor (also called "carrier" or "trait"). They pose a major risk to their future child if their partner in marriage is also a Thalassaemia Minor. However, due to being asymptomatic they do not feel the need to find out if they are Thalassaemia Minor. Getting their attention for creating awareness can be effective in prevention of Thalassaemia Major. But this is a challenge.

The gynaecologist and obstetrician community can play a major role in prevention of Thalassaemia Major. By including a test for Thalassaemia Minor in the protocol for Ante Natal Care, they can ensure that every pregnant woman is tested for Thalassaemia Minor. If the woman is diagnosed as Thalassaemia Minor, the husband can be counselled to get tested for the same. And, if both partners are Thalassaemia Minor, a recommendation for Pre Natal Diagnosis of the foetus at the appropriate time can be made. The results of the Pre Natal Diagnosis can help the parents in taking an informed decision.